Welcome to Ringo’s Foyer

Ringo’s Foyer is located centrally within the core of Malacca (Melaka), a block away from historical Jonker Street and the core of this UNESCO Heritage Site. Run by a fellow traveler and citizen of the world, the guesthouse and hostel offers private rooms as well as mixed and female dorms. With both air conditioned and fan, we have rooms for fit your budget. More importantly, we love this city and want to share the magnificent culture of Malaysia with you.

Home of the original Malacca bicycle tour, guests are encouraged to explore the city slowly, experiencing the many flavors of food that city has to offer. Join us on our guided rides to the night markets, through the old port town streets, discovering the culture of this gem of a city.

As bike enthusiasts, we often help guide travelers who are taking their journeys across Southeast Asia on bike, helping them find routes and friends along the way.

Join us for movie nights in the social area or for barbeques on the rooftop overlooking the city.

As members of the community, we try to make your experience in Malacca unique, bringing you to events, the best places to eat, and an opportunity to understand what it means to be Malaccan.

Come in, take a seat, enjoy some tea or coffee, and be part of sharing stories with fellow backpackers and world travelers.


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